CC Licensing MP3 files

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To properly apply a Creative Commons license to an MP3 file you need to do these things:
  • Add the necessary ID3 tags to the MP3 file:
    • WCOP
    • WOAF
    • TCOP
  • Publish verification and licensing information on the download webpage.

Add ID3 tags to the MP3 file

This should not have to be done manually, ccPublisher will handle it for you, but that part of ccPublisher stopped working for me. Using a tool like Mp3Tag or ID3 (more info) you can add the WCOP, WOAF and TCOP ID3 tags.

Add or update the following ID3 tags in the MP3
    Copyright/Legal information should include license URL.
    Pick a license at:

    Official audio file webpage.

    Copyright text - historical - include both.
    If "verify at" exists in TCOP, everything after it must be the metadata URL and the preceding link must be the license URL.
    • 1994 Mark Sletterink. Licensed to the public under verify at

Publish verification and licensing information

Publish license metadata on the web:
  • Put a “some rights reserved” button on the site with the download.
  • Link to the appropriate license.
  • Add RDF metadata to the download page.
  • Make an assertion about the copyright status of the work.

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