Dimension Pro & Rapture Microhost Keyboard Shortcuts

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Here is what you can do from the QWERTY keyboard with the Dimension Pro / Rapture microhost in focus. The sample rate commands are highlighted in bold. The Microhosts detect the supported sample rates of the audio driver upon launch, and reset the sample rate to an available one when it detects an unsupported rate.

ESC: All Notes Off
F1/F2: Open/Close z3ta+ Editor (mainly for testing purposes)
F3: Set to 44100
F4: Set to 48000
Shift+F3: Set to 88200
Shift+F4: Set to 96000
F5: Transpose -12
F6: Transpose -1
F7: Transpose +1
F8: Transpose +12
F11/F12: Previous/Next Program
Left/Right arrows: Bend down/up
Up arrow: CC1
Down arrow: CC2
Space bar: Aftertouch

(MIDI) Notes: