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MCD Promo Disk (MCCM 69)

Main Menu This disk was released in late 1994 as part of MSX Club & Computer Magazine (MCCM) issue 69. It contained some tidbits produced by active members of the club and was accompanied by some of Mark's work written using Moonblaster.


The disk contains the following tracks:

Disk Facts

  1. The music tracks were written using Moonblaster which created a stereo effect by playing music on both the MSX-Music (FM-PAC) and the MSX-Audio (Music Module). The tracks have been recorded using BlueMSX 2.8 with the FM-PAC on the left channel and the Music Module on the right.

  2. This disk was actually made during an 'open day'/fair of MCD. Someone from MCCM would come during the afternoon and pick it up, so we were under quite a bit of pressure. Apparently we had some problems with the VU meter which showed glitches when it played 'Smile For Sandy' because the Moonblaster replayer was too slow. Ultimately, the track got replaced by 'Plingel' but it can still be found on the disk (it is a hidden bonus). So although the promodisk was supposed to contain a preview for Fireworks Disk 4; you cannot actually hear any of the new songs form the menu!

  3. The people who worked on this promo disk:

    Hirokuchi Marcel Vijfwinkel
    Baseware Bas Vijfwinkel
    Arsoft Arjan Steenbergen
    Retaliator Sandy Brand
    Fireworks Mark Sletterink
    Xoisther Marcel Engels

  4. Hirokuchi means something like 'vase' in Japanese.

  5. Hirokuchi, Retaliator and Xoisther were also our name-tags when we played laser-tag at the Lazer-Zone in Rotterdam.